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Best Battery Saving Apps for Your Android

Making the most out of dwindling battery life is a quest taken on by tech addicts everywhere on a daily basis but with battery saving apps claiming to do that job for you, the battery of your Android smartphone or tablet need never fall short again. But are these battery saving applications really all they’re cracked up to be? And if so, what are the best apps available for download?

“Battery saving apps have become something of a phenomenon in recent years, and more and more consumers and industrial clients are enquiring about how effective they really are,” said Brittany Thorley, who works for a leading gadget manufacturer.

“Active applications and auto-syncing or updating are one of the major killers for battery life and how the majority of these battery saving applications work is to shut down unnecessary apps to retain power. Evidently these apps have had mixed reviews as the automatic stopping and restarting of apps actually drains battery life further. However, combined with a few additional steps to conserve power and the right choice of battery saving app is essential to their success. Never download battery saving apps that are advertised within other apps, these are usually displayed as flashing imagery claiming your battery life is low, instead do your research on the best apps around and download these from an official app store.”

We have done the hard work for you by trying and testing battery saving apps, here’s our top 3…

Best Battery Saver Apps For Android

JuiceDefender – Battery Saver App

The JuiceDefender battery saving app is perhaps one of the most popular and effective on the market with over 7 million downloads to date. This app is particularly easy to use and utilises a number of high-tech functions to automatically determine which features of your smartphone or tablet are most damaging to your battery life.

JuiceDefender - Battery Saver Android
JuiceDefender – Battery Saver Android

The app also includes a complete customisation mode, which allows you to get involved and prioritise apps to improve battery life without limiting your device’s performance.

In addition to this, the JuiceDefender has five pre-set profiles, ranging from fully automated to complete customisation, so you can be as hands on (or off) as you like. Another plus point is that the app is extremely easy to use with a series of home screen widgets for complete user control.

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Battery Doctor – Battery Saver Android App

The Battery Doctor boasts even more downloads (over 150 million to be exact) and with a number of automated and customisable functions you can see why this app is so popular.

Battery Doctor - Battery Saver Android App
Battery Doctor – Battery Saver Android App

The app also gives you a precise account of the remaining battery time you have left, which is an excellent feature for those caught short on a commute to work. Again this app uses the Task Killer to stop other applications that have an effect of your power supply, especially those that drain battery life when not in use via auto-syncing, updates and notifications.

The Battery Doctor also uses a unique feature called the ‘three-charge cycle’ and a series of widgets to boost battery life, increase performance and improve the overall speed of your smartphone or tablet. It also gives you the information you need to improve battery life in other ways.

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Battery Defender

The Battery Defender is another app packed with features to save power on your smartphone or tablet, and this application in particular is great for app addicts.

Battery Defender - 1 Tap Saver
Battery Defender – 1 Tap Saver

The Battery Defender uses Genius Sync, a handy feature that allows the apps on your device to sync every 15 minutes without inhibiting battery life. When your battery is also at a critical level, the app disables power draining data networks and WiFi when not in use to hang onto battery life that bit longer. These networks are also disabled when your device is in sleep mode.

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Brittany Thorley works for Steatite Batteries developing specialist systems for commercial, industrial, military and individual use. She is also an avid blogger and regularly shares advice about the maintenance of commercial and industrial-grade gadgets.
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