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7 Most Common Printer Problems And How To Fix Them

For being such simplistic machines, printers are the cause of many problems that only require a little bit of know-how to fix it.

Before you begin performing percussive maintenance, think of Office Space, be sure to check that you are not a victim of these minor errors.

Here are a list of the seven most common printer problems and how to go about successfully fixing them:


1. The printer will not print

If your printer will not print, and there are no obvious error messages, the chances are that there is a wire unplugged somewhere on the printer or along your computer. Check your USB ports and your Ethernet cables on both ends, and ensure that they are properly fastened into the computer and printer.

2. My printer says that it is running out of ink

Most of the time, your printer will alert you and tell you that you are running low on ink long before you actually will need to replace the cartridge. However, once you start getting these notifications, it is a good idea to go buy some new ink cartridges or order some of it online so that you have it in your office by the time you actually need to use it.

3. I get numerous paper jam alerts

While they are far less common than they were a decade ago, printer jams are still an inconvenience. They are most often caused by paper misalignment. Simply put, you can fix this by making sure that you square off your paper stack before putting it into the printer.

4. The printer is moving too slowly

One of the best ways to speed up printing for everyday operations is to lower the printing quality. The print job may not have professional quality, but it will suffice for most occasions. You can switch between print quality as your needs vary. Besides getting the printing done faster, you will save precious ink as well. Keep that in mind when you decide to print something the next time and only print important papers in high quality.

5. My paper tray is broken

Many times these trays are flimsy and just waiting for a child or pet to break them. If this happens, do not despair because you can simply buy a new one online, or take one from a disused printer.

6. I am seeing unreadable figures as well as strange characters when I print

Nine times out of ten, this problem simply requires a re-calibration of the printer. However, sometimes this problem will require you to download and install your printer’s drivers again. You will have to log onto your printers website in order to find and receive directions on how to properly install printer driver.

7. I am printing blurry images and text

If you have already performed a re-calibration and checked to make sure that your drivers are installed properly, then you may be having a problem with the printer head. If you select a maintenance tab, then you will be able to select the option to check the printer nozzles. If the printing is still blurry, then select the print head cleaner icon to clean away any dried ink or dirt. If the head is still not clean, you can try this 9 ways how to clean print head from WikiHow.

By performing routine maintenance on your printer and buying printer ink as required will increase the life of your printer.

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