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New Awesome ways to build a brand through Social Media Marketing Techniques

In the ever-changing global market, companies cannot ignore social media marketing as part of on – going marketing plan.

Social media has grown a lot and it has established a range that extends into millions of prospects worldwide and now it has been declared as a proven track record of connecting brands, communities and people around the world, and also to win loyal customers in the market.

New Awesome ways to build a brand through Social Media Marketing Techniques
New Awesome ways to build a brand through Social Media Marketing Techniques

The most important sites of social networks in the industry, currently has caught the attention of the majority of Internet users, like FaceBook users have reached 500 million , YouTube has crossed 400 million figure and Twitter has 190 million registered users.

In 2013, if you are new a startup or looking to build your own brand. The first step and most effective way is social media marketing. In this article, we have summarized the best adopted and result oriented social media marketing techniques to help new startups and companies to build brand in the market.

The Steps are as following:

Start Branding On Different Platforms

For Brands, It is always important to maintain brand presence on the social scene. To start, create a solid logo, colors, slogan schema and a unique style that can be easily identified, when users begin to interact with your site and social profiles. So if your Twitter, Facebook or other social profiles are not effectively designed that might affect your customers.

Off-Page Promotion

As traditional advertising methods have lost their flavor, because of recent advances in technology, but still there are cases in which the traditional methods are effective, but now, overall social media is considered as more effective than others. In social media, you should always make sure that the dialogue and the links are always mentioned on your site and also in your social media profiles like on Facebook, Twitter and others. Recent surveys in 2013, most of the information that users get about your company is through search services via their social profiles and website, so you should add all relevant information about your products on your site and on social media profiles.

You should also add links of profiles, business cards, brochures and other printed promotional materials on your site that will make positive impression on the visitor.

Creating Value

If you running a business and offering different products or services, then you need to fulfill the wants and needs of your potential customers, and an innate desire for almost every client. There are users who spend most of their time on social media networking and chat with friends; some are looking for bargains and information of specific, while others just want to talk, if you have attractive profile on social media, these users might become your privilege clients, and spread good words on social media in their networks, that will in- turn create value for your organization.

Use your profile to be found offline to publish special offers, you should target audience and clients, who are trying to get prices, coupons and discounts. Thus, the prospects will know how to interact with you and understand your offerings. This is the interaction, what customers really want from you, so that they can start interacting with you.

Social Media Is Not Just About Self – Promotion

Maintaining a social profile is not only about promotion of new products and services, or about offering discounts but rather then it’s a combination of support and advice to existing customers, which can be relevant to new clients and prospects who are looking for something different and to gain specific information. Also your social profile should provide a platform to your users to share their experience about your products.

Profiles that are only about self – promotion are usually overlooked and often appear to “spam”. So make your profile as a way so that they are not overlooked by customers.

Spend a Little To Gain a Lot

You should make provisions in your budget for paid advertising, which is all about delivering your message, to maximum users or for building your brand. Now a day’s many companies are offering quite comprehensive campaigns on social media to gain maximum attention of users. Facebook advertising is particularly very effective, because this platform gives you the opportunity; to demographically target your audience and also it has a great interface for managing your ads for specific audience. So you can you gain a lot by spending small amount on social media.

Facebook “Like Box ” Widget in Site

Although, I generally do not recommend using too many advertising widgets on websites, but, Facebook fan widget is particularly effective to gain attention of your client and also to promote your brand. You can add messages about your products on the Facebook page that will be great point of interaction for your clients.

Link Everywhere

Use every opportunity to link you site or other profile on social media, because this will further help you to reach further clients in the market and also for your brand promotion. Also it will help your clients to find you on social media, and according to Google recent update, Google search engine prefers those site in search engine who have effective links on social media sites.

About the author

This article is contributed by Becca Wright. She is professional Search Engine Optimization expert in leading company California. She has completed lot of research on social media campaigns on social media and through different platforms.
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